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Can I get a discount on my insurance??

Anita's Driving Academ is an MTO-Approved BDE course provider, BDE Graduates with Drivers Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount. Please call your insurance provider for more information.

Do I have to finish all my classes?

Attendance is very important. Please note that in order to graduate, the MTO requires all students to complete 20 hours of in-class lessons. If the Student misses an in-class lesson because of illness or emergency, he/she will be permitted to make-up the lesson. The Student must provide either a written physician’s note or a note from her/his parent/legal guardian to the instructor. Students may take a maximum of one (1) lesson out of sequence. If a lesson is missed due to illness or emergency, the Student must arrange a make-up lesson by contacting an instructor.

What is the difference between the G1, G2 and G licence?

Ontario has a graduated licencing system that lets individuals build their skills over three stages of licencing - G1, G2 and G. At each stage there are different rules and regulations that a driver must follow.

Normally, the process takes a full 20 months to complete. Graduates of an MTO-Approved BDE Course provider like Anita's Driving Academy may be able to finish the full process in only 16 months.

Please see the Ministry of Transportation website for a more detailed explanation and the difference between a G1, G2 or G licence.



What is a BDE course?

BDE course is short for Beginner Driver Education Course.

How early can I go for my G1 exit road test

If you take our Ministry approved (BDE), you can take your first road test within 8 months of the date of license, otherwise you have to wait for 1 year.

What supplies do I need for the first day of class?

You are expected to bring basic note-taking supplies (Notebooks, pen or pencil, paper), a photocopy of your G1 licence, plus the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook.

Do I need insurance before I register for the course?

No you do not need insurance before starting your drivers training.

Where do I write my test?

In Ontario, G1 tests can be written at any DriveTest Centre. Visit http://www.drivetest.ca/en/loc/Dec.aspx to find the one nearest you.

How do I sign up for a road test?

You can book your exit G1 (Road test) or exit G2 (Highway test) at the closest DriveTest Center. To book a road test please visit http://www.drivetest.ca/en/book/Book.aspx. Anita's Driving Academy students; ask your instructor about using their vehicles for road tests.

Is Anita's Driving Academy MTO approved??

Yes, Anita's Driving Academy is an MTO- Approved Beginner Driver Education course provider.

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