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Beginner Driver Education

This course is designed for first time drivers who have little or no experience when it comes to driving. It gives the student an opportunity to build their confidence and knowledge with theoretical experience in the classroom before jumping behind the wheel of a vehicle. We also expand on growing issues and new laws concerned with driving by the Home-Links component in the course. Students who are also coming from aboard and want to get acquainted with the rules and regulations in Ontario will find this course very insightful and useful for changing previous habits to new habits necessary to be a safe and defensive driver here. This is the breakdown of the beginner driver education course:

  • 20 Hours of In-Class Training
  • 10 Hours of Home-Links (Students complete materials at home independently and hand them back in for marking)
  • 10 Hours of In-Vehicle Training

Taxes Not Included

= $445.00

*There is a $15.00 certificate processing fee after a student completes course successfully that the M.T.O. charges for every student who completes the course.

**There is also $12.00 fee that Service Ontario charges to print out the certificate (more commonly known as the Driver License History) at the kiosks.


Anita's Driving Academy

Private In-Car Lessons

Private In-Car Lessons

All Anita's Driving Academy lessons are private one on one so you can learn the skills needed to help you become a safe and confident driver with our MTO-approved course. 10 Hours - Private in-car lessons in a Toyota Yaris or Toyota Corolla.

Great Experience

Great Experience

For most people, learning how to drive can be nerve racking, especially with family and friends. So, we want make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your safety and driving development, and it shows. Our first-time students continually meet the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario standards time and time again.

Personal Instruction

Personal Instruction

Learn the skills needed to help you become a safe and confident driver with our MTO-approved BDE course. Enjoy an interactive classroom instruction designed to make your driving education interesting and fun!

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